varas group, since 1945 in the canmaking industry

Amador Varas, S.A. has come a long way in its more than 77 years of existance.

The company founded by Mr. Amador Varas Peiró in 1945s, was and is one of the pillars of the toolmaking for the Spanish Canmakers.

In the early 1980s Mr. Jaime Varas Belles and Mr. Franco Tamburrini Massa took over the management and began the first steps towards the internationalization of the company, bringing the Varas brand’s name to global recognition.

Today, the 3rd. generation is realizing the next step, diversifying their offer, thanks to the experience passed down from generation to generation. With the foundation in 2012 of Varas Hard Metal company (specialized in manufacturing of Tungsten Carbide and Technical Ceramics parts) and the acquisition of the well-known KPLL brand (with a vast experience in the world of metal packaging machinery)

The family grows keeping our compromise.



Continuous research and development, to offer a quality process.

tailor-made / VERSATILITY

Personalized solutions to each type of need, from advice to solution.


Offer a satisfactory service, accompanying the client at all times.



Leader in the design and manufacture of tools, dies and machines for the metal packaging industry.

Varas Hard Metal

Manufacture of parts and spare parts in tungsten carbide and technical ceramics. From the metal packaging industry to the wood or chemical industry.